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Really Cool & Really Sad

My children pounded on our bedroom door this morning, which was highly unusual.

Thankfully I was already up getting ready for the day.

I opened it and was greeted by strained faces and my daughter saying,

“Mom, something happened and it was really cool and really sad.”

I wasn’t exactly sure how to react or respond to such an odd remark,

so I simply asked her to expand on what had actually happened.

She went on to explain that she was cozily sleeping when

W H A M!

there was a huge thud against her window.

Evidently my son was already awake and went in to see what had happened.

They then had discovered that a juvenile robin had flown into the window.

They speculated it had rolled down the roof, attempted to fly and landed, wings spread,

on the dewy lawn below {photo below on right}.

Once the story had been told, we all went to see if the bird still lay on the grass.

Sure enough, the poor little fella was still there sitting on the cold, wet grass with his wings spread out wide as if caught in mid-flight.

For a moment I didn’t know if he was still alive or not.

As I was admiring his beautiful plumage I noticed his eyes open, then his head turn a little.

Still he did not move his wings.

The kids, in their pj’s and warm coats,

ran to get our bird book to determine if our guess was right about it being a young robin {photo above on left}.

Sure enough, they found we were indeed correct.

They really wanted to pet the sweet, helpless bird… obviously, I didn’t allow it.

Poor little thing was frightened enough.

But as frightened as he might have been,

he didn’t attempt to move away from us even when my son offered him a worm…

very close to his face.

He didn’t eat the worm, but didn’t flinch either.

Eventually he slightly pulled in his wings, giving us hope that he hadn’t broken them.

I had taken a few photos with my little point and shoot I keep in my purse,

but was frustrated knowing that my full format camera was up stairs.

So I went to get it.

As soon as that little bird saw my giant 70-200mm f2.8 lens,

He moved!

Pretty fast, in fact, for a little one who just slammed into a window; he hopped all the way over near our fence.

I’ve been told by bird experts that large camera lenses look like eyeballs to wild animals and it can really freak them out.

Evidently, this sweet robin was no exception.

I felt bad I had scared him, but we were delighted that he could move.

We followed him as he hopped around the yard.

My son decided to offer another worm, but, again, the bird didn’t seem interested in it at all.

Finally he hopped off to the corner of our yard, thick with ferns and we headed in for breakfast.

We never did see him hop or fly away, but he wasn’t there when we checked after breakfast.

We’re hoping he recovers fully and doesn’t fly into any more windows.

I’m thankful that the phrase “really cool and really sad” wasn’t anything worse.


If you’re curious, the first image is with my Nikon D700 and the two images in the diptych are from my little point and shoot.

Glamour High School Seniors

Mikela — HS Senior Portraiture

God is SO good!

What do you get when you take a lovely young lady,

a stunning copper-brown gown

and a crazy-beautiful field of red clover…

I’ll tell you…

You get a super-fun, amazingly stunning senior session!

But before it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn… let me tell you a bit about what transpired before this session started…

Right before the session my Mom called to let me know my Dad’s melanoma was back {for the third time}. However, this time it was a different type… that still confuses me.

Needless to say my mind was not as focused as it is normally.

In fact, I was on auto pilot.

Thankfully I had rehearsed in my mind the types of images I wanted to capture ahead of time.

Praying for every session is critical:

…for my clients,

…for wisdom and guidance,

…that what I create would be a blessing,

…and that God would be honored in all I say and do.

But this session…

Oy vey…

I prayed I would just remember my settings!

Things that normally come naturally to me required all my focus…

I started to get overwhelmed and Mikela wasn’t even there yet.

Quickly I emailed several of my photographer friends to ask them to pray for the session, too.

I knew my brain wouldn’t be working at its normal capacity.

And it totally wasn’t.

But God is SO good.

Just look what He allowed me to be a part of creating!

Dispite all that was going on in my heart and mind, photographing Mikela was a delight. She is so sweet and intelligent. We had so much fun chatting as we posed and set up different shots.

She really wanted some dark, dramatic clouds and thankfully God even arranged the perfect ones for us to capture.

I love that God even cares about the little details.

The time with Mikela was such a blessing…

A break from what was going on with my Dad,

time with an amazing young lady

and much needed laughter and smiles!

She probably doesn’t realize how much she blessed me during that session.

She completely stunning {inside and out} and is such a genuine and fun young lady.

I know God planned the timing of my Mom’s call and the session.

He knew I would need to shoot and that Mikela would be the perfect subject.

Now, what I wasn’t prepared for was the overwhelming response to her images.

I am so deeply humbled by everyone’s kind words.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments on my Facebook page.

It means more to me than you will ever know!

When people tell me I’m amazing… I often reply,

“I’m not amazing, God is amazing… I’m just available.”


{For those of you who were wondering, yes, the Silent Words post

was promted by the news about my Dad.

But I have a happy update:

my Dad had his surgery and his margins were clear… praise God!

We get to keep him around for a while longer!

Insert BIG happy dance and a really BIG smile!}


And a HUGE thanks to my new farmer friend who graciously allowed me to shoot in his amazing field.