Graphic Design

Hi! Welcome to DesignBin Studios… where my goal is to help you succeed and achieve your business dreams.

My heart really is to help others succeed. There is nothing that thrills me more than getting to be a part of someone’s achieving their dreams and watching as their business soars.

I especially love getting to help photographers launch their new brand. As I am very familiar with the industry, having my own portrait business since 2006, it is fun for me to help clients fine tune their branding, marketing, advertising and pricing, as needed. Coming in the near future, I will be offering mentorships where I can do just that.

However, I also have many non-photographer clients from a variety of different industries and equally enjoy helping them succeed.

A little about me: I began my career as a graphic designer after graduating from Oregon State University in 1994. After working for publication firms, a newspaper, and a corporation, I created DesignBin Studios and started free-lancing. As DesignBin Studios gained momentum, I needed imagery to go with my design pieces. So, in 2005, I bought my first Digital SLR and loved how it enhanced what I could offer my clients. As I acquired more experience, upgraded equipment, completed many courses, and spent time with numerous mentors and industry professionals; it’s a real joy to be able to capture elegant portraiture to incorporate into designs for my clients.

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